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  • The data on this website is accurate as of 19 June 2024. Find the general election results here.

    Our purpose

    The purpose of ThisVoteCounts is to provide a simple, easy-to-navigate platform to help voters find out about the upcoming election and encourage informed participation.

    This website is apolitical, and intends to encourage public participation in our politics, because every person's voice and opinion matters. Please see below for a clear outline on how the information is determined and displayed.

    How it works

    • Educational resources

      This website links to a number of external educational resources, such as relating to how to vote or how polling works. All these links are to government or respected third-party sources.

    • Voting intentions (polling data)

      This website display voting intention data based on the latest polling by respected national polling organisations. Given that we display information at the constituency level, only MRP polls are considered, and we only list the top five parties (in descending order) for a given constituency.

      Each party is ranked according to the median voting intention suggested by the polls, which is denoted by the dotted line on the chart. The minimum and maximum voting intention for each party is also displayed by the lighter shaded area, to provide a better sense of polling uncertainties.

    • Polling data used

      Data from the following polls is used for this website:

      YouGov MRP 11-18 June
      Savanta MRP 7-18 June
      More In Common MRP 22 May - 17 June
      Survation MRP 31 May - 13 June
      Ipsos MRP 7-12 June
      Non-MRP (for national voting intentions)
      YouGov 12-13 June
      WeThink 12-13 June
      Techne 12-13 June
      Savanta 14-16 June
      More In Common 14-16 June
      Redfield & Wilton 14-17 June
      Deltapoll 14-17 June
    • Tactical voting

      It is a personal choice if people wish to vote tactically (i.e. considering a party's or candidate's chance of being elected when deciding who to vote for), however everyone should have access to make an informed choice. ThisVoteCounts displays four tactical voting options (inevitably these are not exhaustive). These are: 'Anti-conservative', 'Anti-labour', 'Progressive coalition', and 'Right-wing party'.

      ThisVoteCounts displays four tactical voting options (inevitably these are not exhaustive). These are: 'Anti-Conservative', 'Anti-Labour', 'Progressive coalition', and 'Right-wing coalition'.

      These are based the UK's current political landscape, the FPTP electoral system, and the most prominent cleavages in society, however any tactical vote iteration can be calculated using the polling displayed.

      'Anti-Conservative' returns the highest polling party which is not the Conservatives. 'Anti-Labour' returns the highest polling party which is not Labour. 'Progressive coalition' returns the highest polling party which is not the Conservatives or Reform. 'Right-wing coalition' returns the highest polling party out of the Conservatives and Reform.

    • 2019 inferred voting

      Inferred voting in 2019 under the new 2024 boundaries, displayed on their own and used in uniform national swing calculations, estimates were compiled by Professors Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher on behalf of BBC News, ITV News, Sky News and the Press Association.

      Calculations for Scotland done by Professor David Denver, those for Northern Ireland by Nicholas Whyte.

      For more information, see the BBC's explainer